Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GuildFolk Notes

GuildFolk                                                                                                                Their Relationship to the Elementals:

Between Water & Earth                                                                                  Gardeners, Seed-Carriers, Foragers, Chefs, Farmers, Herbalists

Between Air & Fire, Earth & Water                                                               Dowsers, Shamans, Spirit-Guides, Healers, Numerologists

Between Fire & Earth                                                                                          Artists, Designers, Carpenters, Architects, Engineers, Tool-Makers

Between Earth & Water                                                                                   Hunters, Fishers, Trappers, Shepherds, Horsefolk, Herders

Between Air & Fire                                                                                                         Teachers, A-I-Techs, Interfacers, Machinists, Scientists

Between Air & Water, Earth & Fire                                                               Warriors, Messengers, Mediators, Advisors, Intercessors

The GuildFolk rose out of the Elemental Clans                                          through necessity, directionality and connectivity.


Where do the academics, the scribes, the story-tellers go?                       (Fire & Air?)

Earth & Air : Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Healers, Warriors

Air & Fire: Teachers AI-Techs, Machinists, Interfacers, Scientists Interventionists (*also between Fire & Water), Number-Priests, Economists, Messengers, Mediators, Story-Tellers, Scribes, Academics, Book-Makers, Librarians, Memory-Keepers (Memorists?), Poets

Fire & Water: Spirit-Guides, Intercessors, Advisors, Interventionists*

GuildFolk (Four Directions: Water, Fire, Earth, Air)

Four Directions - Elemental Clans (Fire Carrier, Honey Carrier, Salt Carrier, Water Carrier))

Elemental Clans & Bear Relations (1)