Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yes, we were full of anticipation for the arrival of the MythicalBeings. We waited –some by the window, others by Granny-the-Eldest –warmed by fire. Kept warm, we were –children and adults –laughter&light on this cold Wintermoon night.
Supper was a broth with a few root-vegetables and rabbit-meat. It kept the warmth in, and the hunger away for a little while. There were so many of us now, and more arriving from the South every few weeks –it was hard to feed everyone; but we tried our best to give refuge.
The LongestNight was upon us, and we knew that it was the NightOfGifting, too. The children were the most excited anticipating the arrival of the Beings with joy.
This is all that the younger children knew –this mythology of the Beings. We chose to make it so for their own good. They didn’t need to know that the burden continued to worsen –that What Was had collapsed –that we were on our own now –that we had only ourselves to care for, to support –and, as much as we could, those who kept arriving.

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