Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Distillery District - Benecorpo Community

Way-Station (North Migration)

Denis Taman Bradette - Frederickhouse, Canada
Maihyet Burton - Toronto, Canada
Hillary Predko - Toronto, Canada
Liz Hardin - Cambridge, Canada
Anthony Swan - Toronto,Canada
Nightwood Theatre - Toronto, Canada

Installation, Sculpture, Performance Art

In an unknown future, climate change is upon us. In an effort to establish a new life and to escape the destitution of the south, hordes of nomadic tribes begin a long journey to Northern Ontario. They cling to their survival while creating a new world. Leave messages and search for lost/misplaced loved ones as you journey north away from the heat and destruction of the South escaping droughts, floods, hurricanes, and walls of tornadoes. Meet and talk to members of the neo-tribal, nomadic people in charge of guiding/guarding and organizing an impromptu shrine that will grow over the course of the event. You are encouraged to leave something behind to add to the shrines in some way: a note, postcards from the apocalypse, a piece of personal ephemera for your displaced ones.