Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I. What can you imagine?
If Breakdown was to occur,
if we were forced to live radically different lives,
what would that life look like?
Would you be able to survive? How?
Have you thought of it? Does it concern you?
Can you give me a positive outlook of such a scenario?
What would a negative setting resemble?
How would you dress? How would you feed yourself?
What about security and defence? Shelter?
How would you feel about the future, the past, the present?
Do you have children? Do you feel an impending doom?
Can you imagine ten years into such a reality?
Your child/ren would probably know no other certainty,
would never have experienced any other life,
how would they differ from you?
Will you still be able to relate, having lived such differing lives?
What about worldviews? Mythologies?
(Let us create this imagined, this possible world, together.)
II. Methodology.
Close your eyes. Empty your thoughts. Clear your mind.
After a few minutes, allow your mind to ponder what is being asked of you: To re-imagine yourself projected into a future of Change. This world (that we now know) has ceased to exist. It is no longer.
Who are you now? What have you become?

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