Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Invitation to Participate

An invitation to participate
Territory I:
Otenaw Arcology
(-an eco/art-infused response to:
ecological-anxiety, climate-change,
the breakdown of community &
enviro-social transformation-)
(-one (1) share= a lot for the building of
one longhouse-dwelling + greenhouse/garden
within the arcology perimeter-)
(-infrastructure will be built communally-)
(-full use of the appr. 60-hectare/150-acre commons-)
(-nine (9) shares will initially be made available
out of a total of twenty (20) shares-)
Lots 3-6: c$3 000; lots 7-8: c$ 5 000; lots 9-11: c$7 000
Clute Township
Abitibi Bioregion/James Bay Lowlands
Northern Ontario/Canada
denis Taman Bradette

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